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Helpful Exercises​

As with all exercises, please refer to your health care specialist before embarking on a new routine

Calf Raises​

How to:

Lift up on to the balls of your feet keeping your toes as flat as you can with the weight evenly distributed throughout your toes. Lift and lower 15 times. Repeat 3 more times.


Relaxing your foot on the floor in front you, concentrate with all your might to keep the ball and toes on the floor while pulling them back toward your heel. You will feel a contraction in your arch. There may not be a lot of movement, but you will feel it. You may also get some cramping which is normal when we first start to wake up our feet. Once you get good at this exercise, you can do it while waiting in line and no one will even know! 

Alternating Toe Lifts

With your foot relaxed on the floor, alternate lifting your big toe up with replacing it back down and lifting up your lesser toes. If your toes are hammered, try to keep them as relaxed as possible.

Loosening the bottom of the feet

Any way you do this, with any gadget you have, you will benefit greatly. Our feet become very tight and constricted with shoes, stress, concrete, genes etc.. Rolling our feet along something is a wonderful way to relieve that tension and re-connect your "souls" with the ground.

Stretching it out

You can accomplish this in a few ways. PLEASE LISTEN to your body and do not go to the max, but stop a bit before it. Over-stretching can cause further damage and weaken the tissue. 

Place your foot on two yoga blocks set criss-cross and gently lean forward. You can also rest your foot flat on the floor about 2-3 feet from the wall with your other leg in front for support and lean into the wall. 

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